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making a community

oh the weather outside was frightful12:12 PM 12/24/08 · I have, for the most part, stopped creating random communities. Given I moderate over 100 of the bloody things, which is easier to manage than you might think, I've discovered a recent fondness in making celebrity communities...

...both mainstream actors and porn stars.

It's just I've been toying with the criteria for making them

If you've got a celebrity you like and you're going to go this route you might first want to size up the competition. A simple interests search, using the name of whoever you have in mind, and you can pretty much see who's got what. I'd recommend using an actual search (Clicky!) insread of clicking the name if you've got it listed in your own interests because the current LJ setup displays these different.

A standard search will not only display differently but it will show you communities first and in what order, most recent to mostly dead, already exist of the person you so admire. If they exist and they're mostly dead or have never been updated at all, which I continually find weird, you're good to go. On the other hand, if you find there are currently active versions your best bet is to either just join one of those.

If you're determined to make it anyway you should size up what's out there and see if you can offer anything better or different than the ones you'll be competing against.

My celebrity comms run the gambit of being listed as having adult contenct or explicitly sexual content. You can actually set your community to this under "account settings" which has the added benefit that you don't need to police your members. Either one will automatically prevent people who don't have their birthday info entered into their profile from joining...

...the downside of this is that you'll find a lot of people will either shy away upon discovering this or those that do join won't post as much for a whole host of reasons.

It's the risk you run but you gotta so what you've gotta do.

Those're the basics anyway, as far as I see it.
Should communities be allowed to have racist terms allowed in their tags?

that was fun....NOT!

If you've ever glanced at our rather short community links list you'll note there's one for Comment Settings. This manages the comments for your own journal or, in this case, whatever communities you moderate. There's 3 settings, basically: who can comment to your comm, who will be automatically screened, who's IP addresses will it log.

I just went through all of my comms (I run about 96 so that was a fun 25 minutes) in order to negate anonymous comenting because frankly it bugs the hell outta me. While some people do it automatically, there are many that do so in order to be snarky and cowardly cheap shot bastards. Now, no one can do this in any of my comms.

LJ has gone through extensive variations over it's time. I've some comms that were created back in 2001 at the very earliest. Not mine initially, a few of my comms were passed onto me by their former moderators that wanted to get as far from livejournal as possible...for whatever reason. The defaults for logging IP addresses vary from each era and since I've been making my own comms since 2003, it was interesting to note the default settings for each frame of time...

...because when LJ switches its defaults, it doesn't automatically change them for all the accounts that are a part of it.

Along with getting rid of the anonymous garbage, I had intended to get rid of all the IP logging. Suppose it's handy for people that know how to reace them down to whatever annoying little twerp that's making an ass of themselves...but I haven't a clue how to do it. Since I'm negating the anonymous stuff anyway, this particular feature seems redundant to me...and I'm not vengeful enough to track each person that tries to get under my skin in the first place.

As it happens, the switching of defaults from one year to another caused me to miss that fact at first. I probably only skipped over 10 comms or so but I just don't wanna go back and figure out which ones right now. I'll get back to it one of these days.


Okay, I've looked up "livejournal" on Wikipedia before but this is a whole different thing. Just as there are specialized sections, beyond just the simple entries, for Heroes & Star Trek...there's one for livejournal too.

Livejournal @ Wikipedia

I am stunned.


xposted to Free Porn the SequelHouse·of·Skin & Maintainers/Moderators Unite!Ship·of·Fools

8:27 PM 1/13/08 · Several months back de Free Porn the SequelHouse·of·Skin got a new member, which I only know due to the fact that I started to get an unusual number of complaints from said individual. The nature of these complaints were focused on how I was crediting the images posted from a particular website that this person claims to be affiliated with if only through the people that are in power there.

May or may not be, really a moot point.

A lot of the stuff I post there from them can be found by a particular tag: Clicky! Keep in mind, depending on where you are, that's a NWS community so you may wanna wait till later before checking it out. Before I started posting from that site to this comm I did just a teeny bit of research and asked the people that run it if it was okay: pwetty picturesAmelia·G & run Forrest runForrest·Black. They said yes if I mentioned where I got it from...which I've been doing.

Apparently this wasn't sufficient crediting to the complainee: electrocat6.


You thought with all the rest of this I wasn't going to mention that too?

This person, didn't check the account enough to determine a gender, eased off after about a couple weeks. Further comment exchanges with pwetty picturesAmelia·G and I became just a tad more thorough in what crediting I do with their posts.

Originally I just put: images ganked from BlueBlood.net

After the complaining assault I added: If you've taken the time to read this then surely you would've noticed the much more obvious names of the photographers on the image.

Yeah, very annoying unless you copy the text elsewhere or have a magnifying glass handy. To spare you the effort...what it says is this: If you've taken the time to read this then surely you would've noticed the much more obvious names of the photographers on the image. Because that's the fact, it seems a little monotonous to credit them again when there names are in the upper left of every photograph.

Maybe that's just me.

The reason I'm posting this is because out of the blue today (rather sporadic as to when I actually get to check my email) I got two identical comments from electrocat6 bitching about me not crediting them properly. Once was enough but the exact same comment to two different posts??

Word for word?!?

I deleted one of them, comment not the post, just on general principle.

They are credited but apparently not in the proper format.

Telling this person that I have in fact discussed the matter with them and they know how I do this, fairly sure at least one if not both of them are members, and seem cool with it.

Which brings me back to the question in the subject line...


style oddity

Community and Journal setups have had a number of things in common, not surprising given that they use the same system, but some differences. However, one thing they all currently seem to have in common is that in the new setups the background or images to be placed with them are no longer options.

I just setup a new community and I had a few ideas for how I wanted it to look. Themes I've used for a number of other comms and basic setup stuff. I knew the interface for customization had changed but I wasn't aware that a lot of the basic options are no longer there. Not just backgrounds either. Some allow you to place a small image between the comment links.

Not anymore.

I'm looking at one of my comms that has these options that is already setup and then I look into its settings and they're not there anymore. It still works as it was previously setup that way but if I alter anything therein then what I setup previously will disappear without having the option to fix it.

This really sucks.

a little additive

Not that this comm really needed one, I was more than content with the Frank the Goat one, but I finally caved and put one of my specialty mood themes on here. It just got to me how I've got something of my own on each of my comms except for this one.