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making a community

oh the weather outside was frightful12:12 PM 12/24/08 · I have, for the most part, stopped creating random communities. Given I moderate over 100 of the bloody things, which is easier to manage than you might think, I've discovered a recent fondness in making celebrity communities...

...both mainstream actors and porn stars.

It's just I've been toying with the criteria for making them

If you've got a celebrity you like and you're going to go this route you might first want to size up the competition. A simple interests search, using the name of whoever you have in mind, and you can pretty much see who's got what. I'd recommend using an actual search (Clicky!) insread of clicking the name if you've got it listed in your own interests because the current LJ setup displays these different.

A standard search will not only display differently but it will show you communities first and in what order, most recent to mostly dead, already exist of the person you so admire. If they exist and they're mostly dead or have never been updated at all, which I continually find weird, you're good to go. On the other hand, if you find there are currently active versions your best bet is to either just join one of those.

If you're determined to make it anyway you should size up what's out there and see if you can offer anything better or different than the ones you'll be competing against.

My celebrity comms run the gambit of being listed as having adult contenct or explicitly sexual content. You can actually set your community to this under "account settings" which has the added benefit that you don't need to police your members. Either one will automatically prevent people who don't have their birthday info entered into their profile from joining...

...the downside of this is that you'll find a lot of people will either shy away upon discovering this or those that do join won't post as much for a whole host of reasons.

It's the risk you run but you gotta so what you've gotta do.

Those're the basics anyway, as far as I see it.