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xposted to Free Porn the SequelHouse·of·Skin & Maintainers/Moderators Unite!Ship·of·Fools

8:27 PM 1/13/08 · Several months back de Free Porn the SequelHouse·of·Skin got a new member, which I only know due to the fact that I started to get an unusual number of complaints from said individual. The nature of these complaints were focused on how I was crediting the images posted from a particular website that this person claims to be affiliated with if only through the people that are in power there.

May or may not be, really a moot point.

A lot of the stuff I post there from them can be found by a particular tag: Clicky! Keep in mind, depending on where you are, that's a NWS community so you may wanna wait till later before checking it out. Before I started posting from that site to this comm I did just a teeny bit of research and asked the people that run it if it was okay: pwetty picturesAmelia·G & run Forrest runForrest·Black. They said yes if I mentioned where I got it from...which I've been doing.

Apparently this wasn't sufficient crediting to the complainee: electrocat6.


You thought with all the rest of this I wasn't going to mention that too?

This person, didn't check the account enough to determine a gender, eased off after about a couple weeks. Further comment exchanges with pwetty picturesAmelia·G and I became just a tad more thorough in what crediting I do with their posts.

Originally I just put: images ganked from BlueBlood.net

After the complaining assault I added: If you've taken the time to read this then surely you would've noticed the much more obvious names of the photographers on the image.

Yeah, very annoying unless you copy the text elsewhere or have a magnifying glass handy. To spare you the effort...what it says is this: If you've taken the time to read this then surely you would've noticed the much more obvious names of the photographers on the image. Because that's the fact, it seems a little monotonous to credit them again when there names are in the upper left of every photograph.

Maybe that's just me.

The reason I'm posting this is because out of the blue today (rather sporadic as to when I actually get to check my email) I got two identical comments from electrocat6 bitching about me not crediting them properly. Once was enough but the exact same comment to two different posts??

Word for word?!?

I deleted one of them, comment not the post, just on general principle.

They are credited but apparently not in the proper format.

Telling this person that I have in fact discussed the matter with them and they know how I do this, fairly sure at least one if not both of them are members, and seem cool with it.

Which brings me back to the question in the subject line...