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style oddity

Community and Journal setups have had a number of things in common, not surprising given that they use the same system, but some differences. However, one thing they all currently seem to have in common is that in the new setups the background or images to be placed with them are no longer options.

I just setup a new community and I had a few ideas for how I wanted it to look. Themes I've used for a number of other comms and basic setup stuff. I knew the interface for customization had changed but I wasn't aware that a lot of the basic options are no longer there. Not just backgrounds either. Some allow you to place a small image between the comment links.

Not anymore.

I'm looking at one of my comms that has these options that is already setup and then I look into its settings and they're not there anymore. It still works as it was previously setup that way but if I alter anything therein then what I setup previously will disappear without having the option to fix it.

This really sucks.