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I'm kinda old-fashioned, in the sense I don't use mobile stuff for my online activities. I like having a large screen and a keyboard...

...an actual keyboard. Not a touchscreen with a simulated one. One with actual keys too, not like those flat things you find on most laptops!

Anyway, due to some nitwit that's been staking me on twitter and linking to some of my content, said nitwit uses an iPad, I found a flaw in a significant difference between normal LJ and the mobile version.

I wrote the LJ·Gods about it:
Somebody pointed this out to me on twitter recently and I wanted to see if you were aware of it. I've got a community here called House_of_Skin, which is pretty much what it sounds like; a community for the posting of naked peoples. I've done what I can to make sure little kids that are on LJ can't see it, cuz you know there are some here and there, by making it so all posts there are automatically placed under "Explicit Adult Content"...

...though it'd be great if I could figure out how to make all posts, both the old and new ones, members only locked.

If you're not logged into livejournal, or are but you birthday isn't setup in your profile, you get the age restriction warning when going to the following link:

However, same conditions, if you check it at the mobile link...
...all of the posts are completely visible to anybody.

Why doesn't mobile twitter have the age restriction filters?

Haven't heard back from them yet. Hopefully they'll be able to fix it.


I recently started following the @Livejournal account over on tTitter, mostly to get updates on when LJ was up and down in light of it's recent problems. Along with that comes news every now and again:


Not sure what to make of that. On the same day Twitter goes on about their new look, I get this from LJ. The new look for Livejournal communities bears a starting similarity to what was done to Facebook not that long ago and what is currently being done to Twitter.

I'm kinda on the fence if I want this to happen to my communities. Some of them, sure. Although there's more than a few, like say house_of_skin & stabby_day & epileptic_arts I'm not sure would benefit from this.

just posted to de house_of_skin

Been getting a lot of Oops! Looks like Frank's nibbling on the wires. Please try again in a few minutes. If you continue to get this error, let our Support team know. (Frank tells us the servers are delicious.) today cuz clearly something in livejournal has gone all wonky.

"Despite being setup that underage types, ideally, can't join here, this is a completely open community. However, livejournal is going through some issues at the moment, lots of "Frank nibbling the wires" warnings, which is the only thing I can think that could cause this.

The post before this one I had to 'approve' before it would be posted.

This community isn't setup for approval of posts. Any member can post whatever they want whenever they want to as much as they want to, so long as it doesn't violate the rules on the profile page.

Not sure what's causing this."

May wanna check your own community settings, if it's happening to me it could be happening to you:


I've already alerted the LJ bigwigs about the problem. Community settings seem to be altering themselves.

Heads up!

If you make or use mood themes you might wanna read this: Clicky!


farleystory383a has posted the exact same thing to about 12 of my communities, that I've seen so far. It's a spam visual that looks like an embedded video. Didn't click it so I don't know where it goes.

Actually, after I went thru and deleted what was put there the 1st time I came back 5 minutes later and there they were again in different communities!

Just giving you all the heads up.


that was exhausting

Most of my communities have an XMAS themed icon...but I've got a lot of communities. Just went through that entire list on my profile and changed the XMAS ones to default.

I need more, though I can't imagine how I'd find them given some of the communities have themes that are not conducive to such a thing.

Was surprised I'd forgotten the one for bondage_a_gogo.

A good source for holiday themed iconnage:

Keeping up activity

So, my question for you lovely and very helpful people is this: how do I keep activity high?

I run a community for a crossover pairing, which I knew wasn't going to have the same amount of activity as a normal pairing community, and for awhile there updates were slow but decently steady. Now though it seems as if I am the only one posting. I have started issusing community writing/art prompts and for awhile that worked, but lately it hasn't been helping.

What else can I do to get my 48 members to contribute more actively?

I have considered maybe taming up with another crossover community which mine is affiliated with to do so kind of competition thing but I have no idea what I would propose. Any suggestions?

community adverts

10:02 AM 10/15/09 · A big thing with making communities is to get people to actually join them. This is not always so easy and most people seem to give up on it, as though just making the community itself is enough to attract members. If you've ever done an interests search and seen the bucketload of communities that show up at the end that're all listed as 'never updated' you can see what I'm talking about.

A couple weeks back I found a bizarre case. Usually when I make a new a community, while it's still in mind, I look to see if there's already an existing one. Either to see if I want to go there or if I think I can do better. Anyway, I found one under a keyword search for 'animated gifs' that had no posts at all. It was themed animation with accompanying video. Seemed like a cool idea so I popped over to the moderator to see why it had never gotten beyond the comm's creation...and found he posted the stuff that would've been in the community in his own journal.

Advertising had never occured to him.

Ideally you want to get members, posting ones, so that not only is your community popular but if you lag off on posts yourself there are others that are posting to take up the slack. More often than not this won't happen if you don't advertise.

Basic advertising works better if you've got more than just a link and blurb. Some comms have a graphic restriction, generally images under 500x300. I've recently got a basic format I use since most place allow for multi·community advertising per post.

Name: Maintainers/Moderators UniteCommunity·Mods
Random: We who run them must vent!
Theme: A moderators place to share with others about the comms we run
Bio: I run a lot of communities as do a number of my friends...seemed like a good idea to have a place to bitch & moan about that.
Typical Posts: rants, raves, questions, & other stuff about community managemrnt

HTML for this:

Used to advertise from my own journal but I recently setup an entirely separate account only for advertising. Seemed simpler than having to skip around all the other comms listed when I'm xposting. A ways back someone recommended a utility, that I sadly lost the link to, where you could select all the communities you wanted to post to and it would do them all in one stroke...

...that would've been so useful.

Where I currently advertise: Clicky!
How many communities do you moderate/maintain?


We could all of us be fucked...
...not in the good way.


Link ganked from de lunatic_cafe